Self-inker /Self-inker (with counter)


  • With replaceable rubber stamp
  • Built-in ink pad enables continuous stamping
  • Easy to change printing text by replacing rubber stamp
  • Easy matching with your demand with 15 different sizes
  • Easy to print, clear and vivid by the equable force transmit design

With counter

  • The sequential number of stamps can be check with a counter
  • No need to enter the number of stamps separately
  • Grasp printing omission by checking the number of stamps
  • There is a knob to reset the counter

Main uses

Any stamp marking in the manufacturing industry


Replacement pad

Size list

Model number Printing surface size(mm) Number of cushion sheet grooves Weight(g) With counter
SI-31 17×33 5 170
SI-32 17×48 5 195
SI-33 17×61 5 210 ?
SI-34 17×74 5 230 ?
SI-41 28×55 8 280 ?
SI-42 28×64 8 300 ?
SI-43 28×74 8 325 ?
SI-44 28×99 8 375 ?
SI-51 35×55 10 325 ?
SI-52 35×64 10 350 ?
SI-53 35×74 10 375 ?
SI-54 35×99 10 425 ?
SI-92 49×55 14 500 ?
SI-93 49×74 14 600 ?
SI-94 49×99 14 700 ?
Weight: 110g increased with the counter

Auto stamp/Auto stamp “Kiwami”


  • Ideal for symbol printing and identification inspection
  • Can stamp on narrow printing surface on small items
  • Include cushion sheet suitable with replaceable rubber stamp.
    ??(The replaceable rubber stamp is available in groove type only)
  • "Kiwami" has high print quality and can use quick-drying ink

Main uses

Identification symbol marking, inspection, passed seal, etc. in the manufacturing process


Replacement felt (for automatic marking)

Original rubber stamp

More than above can be created

Size list

Model No. Printing surface size(mm) Number of cushion sheet grooves※2 Lid Weight(g)
Circle No.3※1 Φ9 - Included 25
Circle No.4 Φ12 3 grooves Included 40
Circle No.5 Φ14 3 grooves Included 50
Circle No.6 Φ17 4 grooves Included 60
※1. Since Circle No. 3 circle is small, the replacement rubber stamp cannot be used.
  Direct pasting only (a rubber stamp is pasted directly on the stamp surface).
※2. Cushion sheet groove counted for cushion sheet specifications


Feature 1

  • Set contents according to domestic requirement in Japanese (with main kanji)
  • Possible to cope with some unevenness for deep carving

Feature 2

Rubber material Neoprene rubber 産業用スタンパー
Manufacturing Japan
Font Alphanumeric: News Gothic, Kanji: Thick Gothic
Combination set Same number of characters, specific kanji available
(see set contents)
Recommended equipment Self-inker
Custom rubber stamp manufacturing Possible

Uni rubber lists

Uni rubber set contents (mentioned number is the number to be set)


Feature 1

  • Inlcude 14 sizes and 2 fonts
  • TRADE Gothic has fine lines, ideal for small characters
  • ALPIN Gothic is a narrow font and can print multiple information in a small space

Feature 2

Rubber material Natural rubber 産業用スタンパー
Carving depth shallow
Manufacturing USA
Font (Alphanumeric) TRADE Gothic, ALPIN Gothic
Combination set English-American style, no kanji (see set contents)
Recommended equipment Self-inker, automatic marking, “Kiwami”
Custom rubber stamp manufacturing Possible

Rib Type lists

Rib-type set contents (mentioned number is the number to be set)

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